You might believe that dentists get nightmares about the candy holiday of the year- Halloween. 


Actually there are some simple recommendations to keep Halloween fun and still be mindful of the health of your child’s teeth. As a parent I realize it’s quite unrealistic to enforce a strict “NO CANDY” policy on our kids during the month of October. The sources of sugar are endless- school parties, trick-or-treating, sharing candy in the lunchroom- all of these potential sources of sugar make it nearly impossible to for parents to eliminate sugar altogether. 


Here’s three helpful tips that are both practical for dental health and easy to implement!


  1. One Night Free for all!
    • Set a time in your head as to how long your kids can eat candy on the night of trick-or-treating and let them go for it! Good news, no kids will get cavities from one night candy-binging. After the time is up, put the candy away for the night. This reduces the time period of the sugar exposure to the teeth and helps resume normal salivary flow for natural cleansing. 
  2. Three Day Rule
    • Let your kids enjoy the spoils of their trick-or-treating for three days and then throw it away (or hide it for yourself). This prevents the urge to constantly snack for weeks on end. 
  3. More Chocolate, Less Cavities
    • You read that right! Encourage chocolate candy. Chocolate is naturally cleansed from the teeth faster than the sticky candies that get packed into the grooves of teeth and remain for hours! 


Keeping these three practical tips in mind will not only relieve some of your stress as a parent but will help make Halloween fun and safe for teeth!

Dr. Kevin Kennedy Jr.

Dr. Kevin Kennedy Jr.

Dr. Kevin Kennedy Jr. and staff believe every child is a special gift and deserve the highest level of care. We partner with parents to create great experiences and promote oral health and wellness at every visit.

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