Dentistry during COVID19 Response


Updated Policies and Procedures during COVID-19

The response to COVID-19 has impacted every industry in our community, including dentistry. While our approach and normal procedures for kids’ oral health might be different, we are still committed to providing the highest quality dental care in the safest environment for our patients and families.

You can access our online forms by clicking the links below.

COVID-19 Screening Form

We have made every effort to ensure our operating procedures continue to promote an amazing dental experience for your child while providing the highest level of safety in our current environment. Navigating the public’s desires regarding safety and adhering to our internal protocols according to CDC guidelines has been a difficult process for the past year, and we appreciate your kindness as we continue to do our very best at keeping our team members and patients safe.


Here are some important things-to-know!

  • We are following the recommendations set forth by local government authorities regarding the requirement of masks in our facility. As of March 19, 2021 the Executive Order requiring masks was lifted. We strongly encourage the use of masks by adults accompanying patients inside our building.
  • Our clinical staff will remain wearing masks at all times during clinical duties. Our administrative staff is socially distanced at their workstations behind protective barriers and may be working without a mask at times. At anytime they are talking directly to a patient or parent, a mask will be worn.
  • We ask that you notify us by phone when you arrive in the parking lot and remain in your vehicle until it is time for your appointment. It is during this time, we will be review your Screening Forms and complete any necessary online forms before your entry.
  • At this time, we are only permitting one adult to accompany scheduled patients for that day. If patients within a family unit will be separated within our facility, then an additional parent may accompany the separated child. If you have other siblings who need to be present but are not patients for that particular day, we welcome you to remain in your car with them while the scheduled patients are being seen. You will still receive every detail on information you desire regarding the findings of your child’s appointment. The only exception is for infants in a carseat or stroller.
  • Out of the abundance of caution for our staff and patient families, we may elect to postpone your child’s appointment based on findings from the Screening Questionnaire and/or clinical findings at check-in. This may include recent positive COVID test, exposure to confirmed COVID19 case within 14 days, or if anyone in your family is awaiting COVID19 test results. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.