Holidays bring out the joy in children like no other, and in our world holidays usually get a pass on healthy living. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing either! Halloween, of course, is like no other. While kids brainstorm for weeks and change their minds a dozen times of what they will dress up as, one fact about Halloween stays the same: the anticipation of candy! 

While some kids may genuinely have favorites among the different kinds of candy, typically what kids love most is the accumulation of candy. The large pile is what brings the excitement, even though the pile may consist of several types of candy they don’t prefer. 

Here’s a simple tip to make Halloween candy as safe for your kid’s teeth as possible: enjoy it for a short time period and move on with life! 

Sure, I’m an advocate for avoiding sticky and tacky candies at all times, but one night a year isn’t going to cause dental decay. Work with your child and choose a few to enjoy the night of Halloween and then let Halloween be in the past!

What gets difficult for Halloween candy is the easy accessibility for an extended period of time. We think that by allowing 2-3 pieces of candy a day for a month, we are reducing the child’s exposure to the health risks of the candy. In reality, it would be ideal if the child ate a larger volume of candy for less duration of time!

So have fun with Halloween, accumulate as much as you want, but set a timeline for how long the candy will be easily accessible. 

Simple recommendation:

  • Choose 5 candies to eat the night of Halloween. 
  • Choose 1 candy to take to school for the next five school days. 
  • Get rid of the rest!

Here’s to healthy snacking! 

Dr. Kevin Kennedy Jr.

Dr. Kevin Kennedy Jr.

Dr. Kevin Kennedy Jr. and staff believe every child is a special gift and deserve the highest level of care. We partner with parents to create great experiences and promote oral health and wellness at every visit.

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