Tongue Tie Services at Spring Creek


Tongue Tie Services

In some instances, children are born with a tight attachment of the tongue to the floor of the mouth restricting the tongue’s ability to move freely. This tight attachment is commonly called a tongue tie and is often first diagnosed when experiencing breastfeeding difficulty. The limited mobility of the tongue upwards prevents an adequate latch from being achieved and causes problems such as poor weight gain, leaking from the corners of the mouth, and extreme pain or discomfort for mom among other symptoms. Thankfully, the correction for tongue tie is a simple procedure to release the tissue in a minimally invasive way and improve function.

At Spring Creek Pediatric Dentistry, Dr. Kevin Kennedy is trained and experienced in accurately diagnosing tongue tie in infants and children as well as providing the frenectomy procedure to correct the condition. The procedure is performed in-office with a soft-tissue laser and usually lasts no longer than five minutes. Because pediatric dentists are experts of the mouth, Dr. Kennedy can complete this procedure in-office, avoiding the inherent risks (and added costs) of general anesthesia.

Sometimes the tongue tie is also associated with a restrictive attachment from the upper lip to the upper jaw as well, known as a lip tie. You can find information on a lip tie (link to lip tie services page). If it is determined that your child has both a lip tie and a tongue tie, both procedures can be performed simultaneously in one visit without any additional post-operative complications.

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